This is the year that you will let the professionals light your home.
The holiday season should be filled with the joy of family & friends...not hours of untangling & repairing light strands only to have them be partially lit throughout the season.
Falling off of a ladder is the number one cause of trips to the emergency room during the holiday season... Professionals who are Fully Licensed & Insured specifically for holiday lighting give you peace of mind & the assurance you want. Your property is treated with care & as if it were our own.
Custom fit, professionally installed, commercial-grade lights are beautiful, durable & guaranteed to stay lit throughout the lights can sag, stop working during the season & typically need to be replaced annually.
Taking down your holiday light display in the cold & rain & finding a place to store your decor is challenging... lights are promptly removed in January, Christmas Light installation service Reno, NV.

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We offer a wide variety of Reno, NV christmas light installation services from commercial and residential roof lines to tree lighting. Different packages are available to specialize in different customers needs. We will make sure to send the most experienced person in each field to you for an estimate and to complete the job.

Our services include:
-Holiday lights 
-Electrical cords 
-60 day Guarantee 

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We specialize in the application of: 
-Colored or Clear Traditional Bulbs
-Colored or Clear Icicles
-Clored or Clear LED Lights
-Mini Lights color of your choice

Our materials are bought from bulk from reputable manufacturers, allowing us to keep our prices down and quality high.

Preventative measures can help your Christmas lights working through the holiday seasons !  Call us for a free estimate 

  Christmas Light Install Reno, NV
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Holiday Light Installers Reno, NV